FotoFest International, a platform for art and ideas, presents the first and longest-running international Biennial of photography and new media art in the United States. A cultural non-profit organization based in Houston, Texas, FotoFest organizes year-round exhibitions and a classroom-based learning program, Literacy Through Photography that uses photography as a tool to strengthen student writing and learning skills.

Literacy Through Photography (LTP) is a full-scale photography, writing, and literacy program
that offers students an avenue for greater self-expression and exploration. Teaching artists
lead residencies with students grades 3-12, for a minimum of 10 1-hour sessions. LTP's
curriculum blends stream-of-consciousness creative writing prompts, social-emotional learning,
visual literacy exercises, and photography-based art projects as a means to stretch student
imagination, broaden perspective, build creative skills, and further develop their voice.
Throughout the program, students explore four core themes —SELF, HOME, COMMUNITY,
and DREAMS. These themes build upon each other, and provide a platform for photographic
and written introspection.

Lessons are aligned to Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) objectives and can be
adapted to accommodate different age groups, class sizes, and teaching schedules. Students
work on photographic and multimedia projects during the residency which are presented at
FotoFinish, FotoFest's annual student artwork exhibition, every May. Students, school staff,
and families are welcome attend the exhibition and view the work that students have created
during their residencies. FotoFest’s acclaimed Biennial and related programs are distinguished by their commitment to social issues and the presentation of important new contemporary artwork that is often not yet widely shown.



FotoFest Kids Day


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Framing Imagination (Workshop)


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