Twanda's Theatre on Wheels

Twanda Smith was born and raised in Houston, Texas and has lived there for her entire life. She graduated from Texas College where she received a BS in Elementary Education with a minor in English and certified kindergarten endorsement. She also gained credit hours towards her masters in Reading and Literacy at Texas Southern University. Twanda earned a certificate in Montessori and is a certified Gifted and Talented teacher. After 16 years of teaching in a traditional classroom setting, Twanda taught Creative Drama and specialized her craft for the last 18 years by researching and studying how to use theatre effectively in the classroom. She is now a retired educator of 34 years and is dedicated to building character in kids through her company, Twanda's Theatre on Wheels. Her creative storytelling promotes the use of imagination which encourages children to be kind to others, truthful, and to always persevere.


Twanda's Theatre on Wheels

Miss T Tells the Story of… Little Bear’s Terrible Unbearable Beary Bad Day


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Twanda's Theatre on Wheels

Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People’s Ears (Performance)


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Twanda's Theatre on Wheels

Humpty Dumpty's Rhyme & Rhythm Musical (Performance)


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Twanda's Theatre on Wheels

ABIYOYO (Performance)


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Twanda's Theatre on Wheels

T is for Texas (Performance)


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CC Guide: T is for Texas

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CC Guide: Humpty Dumpty Rhyme & Rhythm Musical

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CC Guide: Pick a Story Performance

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